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Zoom is an entertainment life-style lottery that offers subscribers the chance to win millions of naira in cash and prizes that cut across shooting a music video, concert tickets, back-stage passes, sport and business mentorship and more

  • Using an MTN line, dial *20010#
  • Using a 9mobile or an Airtel line, send MUSIC, DANCE, SPORTS OR BUSINESS to 20010 OR
  • Visit then click on pay with ATM card or pay via USSD. If you select pay with USSD, you will see a list of banks that you can choose from.

All winners are contacted by a Zoomlifestyle representative after the live raffle draw to request for their payment details. Kindly note that winners are paid free of charge.

  • You can play any or all categories from the website, MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile.
  • On MTN, 9mobile or an Airtel line, you can subscribe to each category only once.

No as long you have a phone number and basic handset you can play

  • If playing via WEB, you can subscribe as many times as you want to any or all categories.
  • If you are playing with an MTN, 9mobile or an Airtel line, you can subscribe to a category only once.

All winners are paid in Nigerian Naira.

You can play Zoom from any country.

  • If you are already subscribed on MTN, 9mobile or Airtel, you will not be billed.
  • If you subscribed via web, it is possible to be debited for more tickets in the same category.

  • If you subscribed via web, you could deactivate your subscription from your Zoomlifestyle account
  • Send your email address and phone number via our social media pages @zoomupyourlife on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • If you played with an MTN, 9mobile or an Airtel line, Send STOP to 20010

  • You can send a mail to [email protected] OR
  • Send a Direct Message to @zoomupyourlife on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  • The tickets cost #500 naira on OR
  • Using an MTN, 9mobile or an Airtel line, the tickets cost #100 naira/week for 5weeks or #20 naira/day for 25days

You can upload your content by visiting after you subscribe